Welcome to Music Lessons in Rugby.
Welcome to Music Lessons in Rugby.
Music Lessons in Rugby
 Music Lessons  in Rugby

"Music Lessons in Rugby"

Dr Ben Cliffe,

21, Elsee Road,

CV21 3BA

Tel: 01788 577948

Mobile::  07786 852909

Email: drbenedictcliffe@aol.com


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…..a lovely thought from an adult student…….


As a relative novice adult piano player I was a little uncertain about the “online lesson” option.

However, after a shaky IT start it has been tremendous, keeps me focused and has actually made me practice more!

I am planning to continue with them after lockdown when away on business trips.

Give it a go and support Ben!





At the grand old age of 38 and with a virtually non-existent musical background, I made a tentative enquiry to Dr Ben earlier on this year about adult singing lessons, if only to find out if there was any possibility of improvement. 

Like many adults, I had long held the belief that the ability to sing was a very binary thing-either you could sing or you could not, with no middle ground and little room for improvement if you did not possess the elusive “gift.” Being told from a reasonably young age that I was also tone deaf didn’t help much either!

I booked an initial meeting and nearly chickened out on the way… I had built up a mental picture of a dusty old music room haunted by a stern professorial type who would plonk me in front of a music book and tell me to sing from it, while frowning at me from behind half-moon glasses as soon as I made a sound.

I could not have been more wrong - Dr Ben is incredibly approachable, friendly and encouraging, and sussed me out immediately, to the extent that within minutes I was nattering away on the sofa, clutching one of his two extremely charming spaniels to me like a security blanket! After ten minutes in the music room simply following Dr Ben on the piano to suss out my basic range and ability, I was hooked!

I find my lessons to be extremely enjoyable, often amusing and always informative, and my confidence in my voice and potential to improve has risen exponentially as a result. After each lesson, I feel as if I have worked at a combination of singing, yoga and art therapy, and I never fail to leave my lessons feeling extremely cheerful and full of the joys of spring!

If you are considering taking adult singing lessons in Rugby with Dr Ben, my only advice to you would be to GO FOR IT. My weekly lessons have quickly become the high point of my week, and my only regret is that I didn’t pluck up the courage to start years ago!


Polly Player




My son has been learning cello with Ben for a year, after his previous teacher went abroad. In this time I feel that Max has gained a lot of confidence through Ben's friendly, calm approach.Ben tailors his teaching to suit individual needs and he goes the extra mile with things like making practice copies of music and CDs. We were thrilled that Max gained a merit in his Grade 7 exam.

Best wishes,
Tamsin Murphy


“I have been having singing lessons with Ben for about 5 years now. I started when I was 16, very shy and I was nervous singing in front of people. Ben has been absolutely instrumental in helping me come out of my shell and become an actual singer! I have so much more confidence when I sing now and Ben has really helped my technique too. I’ve done the ABRSM Grades 3-7 in singing now (I even got a Merit at Grade 7) and I’m preparing for my Grade 8. Thanks to Ben’s lessons, I’ve recently successfully auditioned for a Cathedral choral society too. I really enjoy my singing lessons with Ben and I’ve learned so much. I definitely would recommend him to anyone from beginner to expert.”


Lydia Atkins




'I cannot believe my Good fortune in meeting Dr Ben Cliffe, which was quite by chance. 

His wealth of knowledge just makes me feel at ease knowing I am in good hands. 
With my hard work and encouragement from Dr Ben, know I will reach my next goal which is to pass my diploma. 
He is kind and enthusiastic, and believing in me is all I need to succeed. 
I'm Filled with gratitude to have him as my Teacher and Mentor. 
Thank you Ben. ? 
Genevieve Herbaut.




Dear Dr Cliffe,


Thank you so much for helping me regain confidence in playing the piano and helping me to enjoy it again. You have been the best piano teacher I have ever had and I always looked forward to the lessons. I never dreamt I could acheive a merit in grade 6 let alone a high merit and the same at grade 7 so soon afterwards. Thank you for helping me acheive this and also for helping me to overcome my nerves by teaching me the "wine gum" trick! I am really sad that this was my last lesson but I will continue at Bristol University and hopefully complete my grade 8.

Thank you again so much!

Abby Wells (Brooke Weston Academy)




If I said you reminded me of Mary Poppins, I think you might take offence!  I am genuine in my view that as a teacher of music you are 'practically perfect in every way' and as an individual you are an all round 'good egg'.  I was horribly nervous at the thought of starting cello lessons again.  Having had my confidence knocked by several teachers in the past, one telling me not to even bother trying to play the cello, I was horribly worried about contacting you.  From the outset you were nothing more than brilliant in restoring my confidence and getting me to a place I never thought possible.   I have never felt rushed, pushed or deflated by you, I have always felt inspired even when I've found bits hard.  I am pedalling along towards an exam now and feeling good about it, something I have never felt in the past.   You seem always ready to answer queries and offer advice not just in but outside of my lessons too.  As a mother whose children are learning to play brass, I wish they could find a teacher as committed to them as you are to your students, (maybe I should make them take up piano/cello instead !!!)
Best regards
Laura (apparently a 'mature' student!!!)
Dr Cliffe has been teaching Piano to my son, Howard, for a few years now.  He has made excellent progress through the grades.  Howard was also taught Music Theory up to Grade 5 by Dr Cliffe as this was something that he needed to achieve. 

Howard has a number of specific learning needs but has always found Dr Cliffe to be patient and understanding, giving consideration to his individual needs.  Lessons are always enjoyable and at a pace to suit.

Howard is studying Music at 6th Form and we feel fortunate to have a Piano teacher who is also supportive and skilled at explaining topics which other teachers don’t seem able to explain so well.

Catherine Weyman           cweyman@live.co.uk